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HTB air also yuan net
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HTB air also yuan net

Sunlight, air and water are all three elements necessary for human survival, but with the emergence and development of industry, these three elements are seriously polluted, although in recent years the international community's attention to environmental protection, but pollution is still the largest countries problems, especially developing countries like China, then how easy and affordable to improve their own micro-environment? We combine the characteristics of tourmaline stones, using high-tech means to further the development and production of HTB yuan net.

HTB also yuan net vases type and two types of eggs, it is a car can be placed indoors or removal of toxic and harmful gases in the air and improve the air environment inside the broad band response (UV - infrared band are response) photocatalyst air purifier. It is the use of nanotechnology, the choice of photocatalyst (Photocatalyst), rare earth elements (Rareearths element), excessive element (Transientelement), tourmaline (Tourmaline) "four materials referred PRTT" firing processing, PRTT formed photocatalytic reaction system greatly improved the composite quantum efficiency and the utilization of sunlight, so that the whole process of photocatalytic technology to family life.