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HTB Health hosiery
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HTB Health hosiery

HTB Health hosiery using tourmaline functional fiber, imported spandex elastic yarn and finished form, can give full play features tourmaline, which is the most direct way to make contact with feet alleviate fatigue, perspiration odor, to You bring health experience.

To meet the needs of different groups, specially designed boutique style socks, socks, socks, socks, multi-effect, raise sleep socks, thin socks health, where quality socks designed for high-quality design people, divided blue color, gray easy to match colors and black pants, shoes; socks and sports socks designed specifically for young students to solve sweating and odor problems, relaxed, comfortable, cool; multi-effect socks thicker at the bottom of the design features are easy to shock, moisture except taste, suitable for the elderly and persons wearing cold; keep sleep at night sleep socks designed specifically for the design, can keep feet warm; health is more suitable for summer wear thin socks; in addition, HTB health hosiery since its launch, has been all over the country Zhen Austrian favorite family, the family is the customer experience and try the best choice for HTB series of products in recent years has also become a family and old customers gifts friends and family to share, it is specially designed with a combination of packages to choose from.