Dalian Zhen-Ao Group "filial respect" charity donated 200,000 yuan


May 19, said Austrian filial respect Charitable Foundation Zhen-Ao Group in Dalian Charity Federation in the allocation of $ 200,000 for participation in Dalian and the Dalian Charity Evening, Dalian Traffic Radio jointly organized the "filial piety · respecting help elderly "public welfare activities. Jane Austrian group vice president of marketing, general manager of Dalian Zhen-Ao Liu DC to attend the ceremony and accept the Dalian Evening News interview.

Liu said that in the great love of culture appeal, said Austrian society has been actively involved in various kinds of "filial respect" campaign, not only donations, in case of need, helping to contribute more. The donation of $ 200,000 will be directed to the Golden State Area, Lushun, north of the three cities and a number of nursing homes to improve the basic living conditions of the elderly.

In 2009, said Austrian Group signed an agreement with the Dalian Charity Federation: ten consecutive years, donated 1 million a year, said Austrian filial respect establish charitable funds for the relief of poverty and the elderly living alone.

Dalian Zhen-Ao general manager Liu DC (left) on behalf of Zhen-Ao Group donated to this charity 200,000 yuan