Tang Jun, Party Secretary of Dalian, said Austrian Bio Valley to encourage research, said Austrian b

October 10, 0900, Party Secretary of Dalian Jun Tang, vice mayor Liu Yan rate various commissions Bureau came to the city, said Austrian BioValley research, accompanied Jinzhou New Area Administrative Committee Director Xu Changyuan, deputy director Li Li and other leaders. Zhen-Ao Group senior leadership of CEO Chen Yuqi warmly welcomed the research group.

President Chen extended a warm welcome to the arrival of the research group, the relevant government departments in the BioValley, said Austrian construction process to give support and help to express my heartfelt thanks. He gave details of the Zhen-Ao Group research, production and market developments biological Valley, recalled the scene by the end of 2011 Shuji attended the groundbreaking ceremony, said Austrian BioValley time to all the leaders, still excited and proud.

His research group first came to Austria, said the medicine shop, the person in charge of the details of the advanced nature of workshop equipment and the current operating conditions, and to report Tang Shuji, Jinzhou New Area's first national drug - that is, injection cardiomyopeptidin here output. Subsequently, Tang Shuji and his party take the cable car to visit the plant, said Austrian Bio Valley and the entire international DNA, said Austrian Health Science and Technology Museum.

Because more research content, research time schedule would cause further delay. After the end of investigation, Tang Shuji still short at the scene held a provisional meeting, summarized the research situation. Research, Tang Shuji contribution in Dalian Zhen-Ao Biological Valley biomedical industry made the highly praised, and Jane Austrian BioValley building operation given the recognition and praise, he said Austrian rely on scientific research and encourage the advantages of raw materials, pull long industrial chain, expand cooperation in space, to develop more new products to meet market demand, give full play to the advantages of biological Jane Austrian industry, and the said Austrian BioValley bigger and stronger.

CEO Chen Yuqi to the Party Secretary of Dalian Jun Tang (left) introduces Jane Austrian products.

Jane Austrian research group visited BioValley plant.